Fight BACteria. Choose ARESTIN<sup>®</sup>.

Form a partnership with your dental professional

To get the most from your treatment, you need to partner with your dental professional. What does this mean? It means taking action and accepting the treatment your dental professional has recommended.

Don’t delay your treatment

When you’re told you need scaling and root planing (SRP), book the appointment right away. Untreated, periodontal (gum) disease may lead to painful and expensive surgery. Remember, your gums and teeth can’t begin to improve until bacteria that cause gum disease are under control.

Take it from the professionals

Dental professionals recommend ARESTIN® (minocycline HCl) Microspheres, 1 mg with SRP because it makes treatment more effective than SRP alone.

Ask how ARESTIN® helps

When needed, ARESTIN® is a locally administered antibiotic that is used along with SRP. ARESTIN® kills bacteria that SRP can’t reach. This delays bacteria from returning as your gums heal.

Image of dental professional speaking with patient
If my dental professional is already using SRP to treat my gum disease, can ARESTIN® help?

Yes. ARESTIN® with SRP is more effective than SRP alone. ARESTIN® is placed directly into the infected site and can kill bacteria that cause the disease.
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